Friday, February 15, 2008

McKaily's Turning 8

Well Hello to all you out there in blogger land. I just wanted you all to know that McKaily's birthday is fast approching and she will be turning 8. She will be getting baptized. The main reason that I am posting this on our blog is because she has decided that she wants to go to Cedar City and be baptized there so that all of her family can be there. We will be doing this Easter weekend on Saturday. I am not sure what time we will be doing it however it will be taking place at the Stake Center on Minersville Hwy. When I get more info, I will be sure to pass it along.
We have had a ton of snow here in Idaho and the we have all enjoyed it. We have been staying extremely busy like always. Braily and Jaylee have been performing at some events around the area with there ballroom dancing. They are scheduled to perform tomorrow night at our ward party. It should be really fun. Braily is also perparing to compete in the Gem State Classic up at BYUI next weekend. She is entered in 5 different dance, she is excited to be dancing, but not so excited that it is with 5 different partners. I told her that life doesn't always go exactly like you want it to, but the better you act about it the better the out come will be.
Our little Tylee Jo has been sick this week and somehow got another sliver that became infected in her. I think she is a magnet for slivers. She also fell of the front porch yesterday and landed in what is suppose to be a pile of snow, but is a pile of ice instead. She scratched her nose all up and cut her hands on it. The poor little girl is covered in bandaids. She is also starting to get a black eye from falling and hitting so hard.
Jed has been working a lot and has been sick for about 2 weeks and finally, finally is starting to get better. He has also been snowmobiling with some guys from work a few times and they love having him go. They want him to go every weekend. He was borrowing a machine from one of the guys and his boss wanted him to keep going with them as often as time will permit he gave Jed a snowmobile. It isn't a brand new one, but it runs great and he rides it like he stole it. I has givin' him a lot of joy to be able to enjoy some of his old passions.
As for me I have been so busy that most days I can't remember where I have been. I have started my new job ( I still have all my other ones, this is just added to that). The job is that by next fall I will be managing the dance studio Braily and Jaylee dance for. Right now I am in the process of planning a tour down through Utah. I will be in the area of Cedar the Weekend of April 26-27. We are leaving here on Friday the 25th and going to the Salt Lake Valley where we are performing for the owners parents ward, then on Saturday morning early we will head to St. George, I am trying to get us scheduled to perform at the Tuican with the BYU Ballroom team that Saturday night and to a show for the Tuicon School of Performing arts sometime early in the day and maybe to a teaching class with some of the students there. On Sunday we will still be in St. George, and do a fire side for the owners husbands parents ward and then on Monday morning we are going to head back north. Our first stop that day will be at the North Elementary school to perform for the kids there, and then we will be heading to Richfield, and Annabella. After that it will be back to the Salt Lake Valley to perform at the owners old High School and I will be trying to get some other schools scheduled for up there. So between working for the Masonry company, doing vinyl , scheduling dance tours, raising kids, taking care of sick husbands and being a webalo scout leader I have been staying very busy. (Sorry if I spelled anything wrong, my spell check is not working and I suck at spelling. Hope all is well with everyone. We miss and love you all.