Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OH WOW!!!!

It has been a long time since I have updated our blog, or even looked at anyone else's blog. Time has gotten away from me and life is so busy I can't seem to find time to do it. Our lives here in Idaho are still great and we are still loving it here. The girls have been really busy with dance, school and friends. Oh the friends and the girls!! I really have a hard time when they start fighting with their friends and it gets so catty. I was so not into the hurt feelings thing, that is probably why most of my friends were boys. You make them mad and in 10 minutes they are your friends again.

Well our little Tylee Jo's birthday was on the 13th and I feel so bad because we didn't get to do much. I have been really busy this week with dance tryouts that I haven't even had time to go shopping. I'm a terrible mother, at least she is only 3 so she won't think to much of it when we have her another party this weekend. She will have gifts and cake and we can just let her think she has two birthdays this year. She is so big, she is now potty trained ( I thought that was going to do me in). I have never had a kid take this long, but she has now tackled that hurtle. She is getting to be such a good talker, and my favorite thing she says is "Mommy, I love you to the moon and back", it is from a book that I read her. The book has the little nut brown hare in it. She loves the book and loves to be read to.

All three of the older girls tryed out for dance this year and they all made the team. They all do so good and enjoy it so much. It has been a fun year in dance for Braily and Jaylee. Next year McKaily is doing it and I am sure she will find it just as much fun. They all have been staying really busy with school and still love going. That is a plus, I want them to love school for as long as they will, it makes it easier to get them there. Braily starts 6th grade next year, wow that makes me feel old. The girls have a busy summer planned. Braily is leaving for Texas with my mom on the 31st of May and won't be back home until the 10th of June. Then all of the girls are going with my mom and dad to San Diego on the 28th of June until the first sunday in July, then someone is going to meet me on that following Monday half way to pick up Tylee and the older three girls are going to be staying with my mom until the 18th of July. Then when they get back we are going to be going to Yellowstone for a week. They should have a lot of fun. I have to work all summer so it is good for them to go with family and spend sometime. They are so excited to be going and playing. Jeds mom and sister are suppose to be coming up on June 2nd and we are very excited to see them and show them where we live. Well that is just a little update on our family and our happin's.