Thursday, October 30, 2008

Summer's Past

So now that summer is gone I thought maybe I would share a little of what happened, also I was reading a friends blog and it said that I hadn't posted in 5 months oops. I really don't have a lot of spare time to post, I really should teach Braily then she could keep us updated.
Well this summer went by to fast and now it is fall. I can't believe that is November already that means Christmas is right around the corner.
This summer the girls went to San Diego with my parents and that is where most of the pictures came from. They went to the wild animal kingdom, the zoo, and to sea world. They had a blast and they want to go back already. We also went to Yellowstone in the end of July and really had a lot of fun. We saw a bunch of wild life and Tylee thought that was cool because they weren't in cages. There were the buffalo that she kept calling elephants because she had seen them in San Diego, it was really cute. We saw some elk, bear, big horn sheep, and of course coyotes it seems like you can't go to Yellowstone anymore with out seeing one of those. We would like to hunt them, but that would get us in a lot of trouble. It will probably get me in trouble with some of you for typing it here.
School has long started and the kids are really liking it. Braily is in 6th grade and I feel really old. I can't believe I have a 6th grader. She really likes school especially the social part, friends are so important. She also really likes that she gets to change classes so many times. I never remember changing class as much as she does when I was in 6th grade. McKaily is in 3rd grade and she is liking being the older sister in the elementary to Jaylee. She likes that Braily is no longer in the school so Jaylee can say that is my big sister and McKaily knows she is talking about her. Jaylee is in 1st grade and thinks she is big stuff because she gets to eat school lunch now and she loves it. She really likes her teacher and is really doing well in math and reading. When she gets home from school she is at the table doing her homework, I wish she would rub off on the other two. It is like pulling teeth to get them to do their homework. Little Tylee isn't so little anymore, she is now 3 and is as busy as ever. While I work she goes to a couple of different places during the week and she likes the change. She likes the kids that are there to play with. One of the sitters has her two kids at home and she doesn't tend any other kids, so that is nice, the other one has her two kids and one other little girl so she has fun there. Life is busy for Jed and I still, it never slows down with four girls it is just going to get worse. Hope all is well with everyone.