Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Almost Christmas!!!

Holy Cow I can't believe Christmas is almost here, and as usual I am no where close to being ready. I really wish I could just give someone a list and money and they would go shopping for me. I HATE to SHOP!!! There are a lot of people that think I am weird, but it doesn't matter what type of shopping it is and if I had all the money in the world I would still hate shopping. I do enjoy Christmas though. I enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Every year the dance studio the kids dance for does a Sub-4-Santa for a family in need and I think it is so great. This year they are putting on a dance. It is for the whole family and all the proceeds go to the fund. I think it will be really fun. They are even having Santa come for the little kids. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and hopefully I will give you an update after Christmas.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am Glad that is done. Halloween should be a fun holiday, but boy I don't like it. It could be all the dressing up of kids that makes me so unhappy. The week of Halloween I dressed up kids everyday, but Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday Braily and McKaily had a halloween dance party, and on Thursday Jaylee had her dance party and our ward did Trunk-or-Treat. The kids liked that because they got candy on Thursday night and then got more candy on Friday night. Friday I dressed the kids up for school and then had to do touch up's after school before going out for the night. The kids had lots of fun and got to much candy. Hope everybody had fun. Enjoy the fall because winter is just around the corner.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Summer's Past

So now that summer is gone I thought maybe I would share a little of what happened, also I was reading a friends blog and it said that I hadn't posted in 5 months oops. I really don't have a lot of spare time to post, I really should teach Braily then she could keep us updated.
Well this summer went by to fast and now it is fall. I can't believe that is November already that means Christmas is right around the corner.
This summer the girls went to San Diego with my parents and that is where most of the pictures came from. They went to the wild animal kingdom, the zoo, and to sea world. They had a blast and they want to go back already. We also went to Yellowstone in the end of July and really had a lot of fun. We saw a bunch of wild life and Tylee thought that was cool because they weren't in cages. There were the buffalo that she kept calling elephants because she had seen them in San Diego, it was really cute. We saw some elk, bear, big horn sheep, and of course coyotes it seems like you can't go to Yellowstone anymore with out seeing one of those. We would like to hunt them, but that would get us in a lot of trouble. It will probably get me in trouble with some of you for typing it here.
School has long started and the kids are really liking it. Braily is in 6th grade and I feel really old. I can't believe I have a 6th grader. She really likes school especially the social part, friends are so important. She also really likes that she gets to change classes so many times. I never remember changing class as much as she does when I was in 6th grade. McKaily is in 3rd grade and she is liking being the older sister in the elementary to Jaylee. She likes that Braily is no longer in the school so Jaylee can say that is my big sister and McKaily knows she is talking about her. Jaylee is in 1st grade and thinks she is big stuff because she gets to eat school lunch now and she loves it. She really likes her teacher and is really doing well in math and reading. When she gets home from school she is at the table doing her homework, I wish she would rub off on the other two. It is like pulling teeth to get them to do their homework. Little Tylee isn't so little anymore, she is now 3 and is as busy as ever. While I work she goes to a couple of different places during the week and she likes the change. She likes the kids that are there to play with. One of the sitters has her two kids at home and she doesn't tend any other kids, so that is nice, the other one has her two kids and one other little girl so she has fun there. Life is busy for Jed and I still, it never slows down with four girls it is just going to get worse. Hope all is well with everyone.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

OH WOW!!!!

It has been a long time since I have updated our blog, or even looked at anyone else's blog. Time has gotten away from me and life is so busy I can't seem to find time to do it. Our lives here in Idaho are still great and we are still loving it here. The girls have been really busy with dance, school and friends. Oh the friends and the girls!! I really have a hard time when they start fighting with their friends and it gets so catty. I was so not into the hurt feelings thing, that is probably why most of my friends were boys. You make them mad and in 10 minutes they are your friends again.

Well our little Tylee Jo's birthday was on the 13th and I feel so bad because we didn't get to do much. I have been really busy this week with dance tryouts that I haven't even had time to go shopping. I'm a terrible mother, at least she is only 3 so she won't think to much of it when we have her another party this weekend. She will have gifts and cake and we can just let her think she has two birthdays this year. She is so big, she is now potty trained ( I thought that was going to do me in). I have never had a kid take this long, but she has now tackled that hurtle. She is getting to be such a good talker, and my favorite thing she says is "Mommy, I love you to the moon and back", it is from a book that I read her. The book has the little nut brown hare in it. She loves the book and loves to be read to.

All three of the older girls tryed out for dance this year and they all made the team. They all do so good and enjoy it so much. It has been a fun year in dance for Braily and Jaylee. Next year McKaily is doing it and I am sure she will find it just as much fun. They all have been staying really busy with school and still love going. That is a plus, I want them to love school for as long as they will, it makes it easier to get them there. Braily starts 6th grade next year, wow that makes me feel old. The girls have a busy summer planned. Braily is leaving for Texas with my mom on the 31st of May and won't be back home until the 10th of June. Then all of the girls are going with my mom and dad to San Diego on the 28th of June until the first sunday in July, then someone is going to meet me on that following Monday half way to pick up Tylee and the older three girls are going to be staying with my mom until the 18th of July. Then when they get back we are going to be going to Yellowstone for a week. They should have a lot of fun. I have to work all summer so it is good for them to go with family and spend sometime. They are so excited to be going and playing. Jeds mom and sister are suppose to be coming up on June 2nd and we are very excited to see them and show them where we live. Well that is just a little update on our family and our happin's.

Friday, February 15, 2008

McKaily's Turning 8

Well Hello to all you out there in blogger land. I just wanted you all to know that McKaily's birthday is fast approching and she will be turning 8. She will be getting baptized. The main reason that I am posting this on our blog is because she has decided that she wants to go to Cedar City and be baptized there so that all of her family can be there. We will be doing this Easter weekend on Saturday. I am not sure what time we will be doing it however it will be taking place at the Stake Center on Minersville Hwy. When I get more info, I will be sure to pass it along.
We have had a ton of snow here in Idaho and the we have all enjoyed it. We have been staying extremely busy like always. Braily and Jaylee have been performing at some events around the area with there ballroom dancing. They are scheduled to perform tomorrow night at our ward party. It should be really fun. Braily is also perparing to compete in the Gem State Classic up at BYUI next weekend. She is entered in 5 different dance, she is excited to be dancing, but not so excited that it is with 5 different partners. I told her that life doesn't always go exactly like you want it to, but the better you act about it the better the out come will be.
Our little Tylee Jo has been sick this week and somehow got another sliver that became infected in her. I think she is a magnet for slivers. She also fell of the front porch yesterday and landed in what is suppose to be a pile of snow, but is a pile of ice instead. She scratched her nose all up and cut her hands on it. The poor little girl is covered in bandaids. She is also starting to get a black eye from falling and hitting so hard.
Jed has been working a lot and has been sick for about 2 weeks and finally, finally is starting to get better. He has also been snowmobiling with some guys from work a few times and they love having him go. They want him to go every weekend. He was borrowing a machine from one of the guys and his boss wanted him to keep going with them as often as time will permit he gave Jed a snowmobile. It isn't a brand new one, but it runs great and he rides it like he stole it. I has givin' him a lot of joy to be able to enjoy some of his old passions.
As for me I have been so busy that most days I can't remember where I have been. I have started my new job ( I still have all my other ones, this is just added to that). The job is that by next fall I will be managing the dance studio Braily and Jaylee dance for. Right now I am in the process of planning a tour down through Utah. I will be in the area of Cedar the Weekend of April 26-27. We are leaving here on Friday the 25th and going to the Salt Lake Valley where we are performing for the owners parents ward, then on Saturday morning early we will head to St. George, I am trying to get us scheduled to perform at the Tuican with the BYU Ballroom team that Saturday night and to a show for the Tuicon School of Performing arts sometime early in the day and maybe to a teaching class with some of the students there. On Sunday we will still be in St. George, and do a fire side for the owners husbands parents ward and then on Monday morning we are going to head back north. Our first stop that day will be at the North Elementary school to perform for the kids there, and then we will be heading to Richfield, and Annabella. After that it will be back to the Salt Lake Valley to perform at the owners old High School and I will be trying to get some other schools scheduled for up there. So between working for the Masonry company, doing vinyl , scheduling dance tours, raising kids, taking care of sick husbands and being a webalo scout leader I have been staying very busy. (Sorry if I spelled anything wrong, my spell check is not working and I suck at spelling. Hope all is well with everyone. We miss and love you all.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy V-Day

Hello to you all. It has been a while since I have updated our blog, life just flies by. Well this last weekend we had quite the big scare. On Friday night about 10:45 p.m. I received a phone call from a lady that told me that McKaily (whom was with a friend for the night) had been hit head on with her friends family by a drunk driver. She assured me that everything was okay and everyone was fine. She told me where to find the wreck and so I headed out. When I got there of course as a mother I had to check and make sure everyone was okay. They must of had guardian angels with them because when her friends mom seen the guy coming toward them she pulled off the road and he still hit them head on going about 45mph. Today is Nate birthday (for those of you who do not know him, he is my brother who passed away almost 13 years ago) and I know without a doubt that he was McKaily's angel that night. She said that when she saw him coming toward them she started to pray and I know that her prayers were answered. What a blessing it is to still have her here with us because so easily she could of been taken home before I am ready to let her. I was having a really, really bad day and after that happened I stopped and thought nothing is really that bad, I have my family what else really matters. If you lose everything you have as long as you have your family, you have everything you truly need. I have thanked Heavenly Father so much for her safety and the safety of my other girls this last few days, that I really think I took for granted the fact that he keeps them safe everyday when they go out into the ugly world. If you want to know what happened to the drunk driver of course he was not hurt, he was a Mexican that said he only had "2" drinks and McKaily said that he fell down 3 times before finally dragging himself to the hood of his car and passing out, just to be hauled off to jail. After that I am not sure what has happened to him. Well it is really late so I am going to jet. I hope to have time to update you on the rest of the happenings in the Rosenberg home really soon.