Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's Almost Gone

Where does time go?? I can't believe that January is half way over. It seems that time just goes by faster and faster. I hope everyone's Holidays treated them good. I had high hopes of getting our Christmas cards out this year on time and it didn't seem to happen. I ended up waiting on the family picture we had taken and after it was so late getting here, I thought I will send them anyway. I went into Wal-Mart and had the cards all printed out finally and then I put them on my desk in my office (big mistake)and that is where they still sit. I kept thinking I would have time to send them and it just never came. So I have a stack of Christmas cards on my desk that will probably be sitting there next year. Maybe I will send two next year. Then everyone can see how we have all changed. I did take some pictures at Christmas and still haven't gotten them downloaded on to my computer so you will probably see them in June or something. Life just gets away from us to fast these days. The kids are all doing well and staying really busy. With four girls there is never a dull moment, but we have to enjoy them all. They will only be little once.


Keiauni said...

Gosh those girls are dolls!
I'm glad your blogging again:)

Sending out two cards would be a riot! I think you should totally do it!


Valerie said...

Hey Amber...
Good to hear from you! Your girls are sure growing up fast!! They sure are cute! Miss you!